Reviving the Trinity Stones: Easter update

By: Jill Harrison, Jean Guild Grant awardee

Trinity Collegiate Church from Lower Calton by Henry Duguid 1848
Trinity Collegiate Church from Lower Calton, watercolour by Henry Duguid 1848 - the year the church was demolished. (National Galleries Scotland: Creative Commons CC by NC)
Passion Stone depicting the Easter Story

Last week Jill Harrison was out and about in Edinburgh looking for more pieces of her Trinity Stones jigsaw puzzle and gives us her Easter update. “I had been alerted to an exciting new fragment in a secret location and it would indeed appear to be another example of a fascinating medieval stone. A little more research is needed to pin down its Trinity provenance but it looks very promising”

Possible new Trinity Stone

“The other stone is already known but is one of the most interesting, not least because it tells part of the Easter story. It is a Passion stone depicting hands, nails and a heart, pierced with a spear, in memory of Christ’s crucifixion. Preserving and protecting these unique 15th Century treasures is one of  the main aims of the Reviving the Trinity Stones Project”

The two-year Reviving the Trinity Stones project is an exciting combination of a treasure hunt and jigsaw puzzle. It is enabled by a Jean Guild Grant from the Old Edinburgh Club. Get in touch with us if you know of any more of these lost stones in ‘secret’ locations.

You can keep up-to-date with Jill’s progress on our website, social media or on Trinity Network

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