Welcome to the Old Edinburgh Club

The Club is Edinburgh’s local history society, concerned with all aspects of the city’s history and development.

For one hundred years we have encouraged interest in Edinburgh’s history through lectures and visits. We publish The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, renowned as an authoritative source for residents and researchers alike – indeed anyone who shares our delight in the city’s rich heritage. Take advantage too of our Bibliography of Edinburgh History – it’s an essential starting point for exploring your interests. NEWS: We have just updated and enlarged the Bibliography with a further 144 articles, 113 books, 28 chapters and 11 dissertations.

We hope our website will help you to explore the fascinating past of Scotland’s capital. Go to the Membership page to learn how to join us in exploring Edinburgh through history. If you have a question about Edinburgh’s history, go to our Resources page for useful websites and books.

We are delighted to announce our summer programme of walks and visits. These feature:

  • The visit of George IV to Edinburgh in 1822 and the involvement of Sir Walter Scott 
  • Edinburgh’s printing heritage in the Old Town
  • Port Hopetoun and the Union Canal, on its bicentenary
  • Blackie House, ‘A Cabinet of the Curious’, featuring a remarkable private collection of books, manuscripts and artefacts

Click here for further details.



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