OEC Bibliography of Edinburgh History

We have published the online OEC Bibliography of Edinburgh History, the first comprehensive listing which serves as a ‘go to’ place to explore the wealth of what’s been written about the history of Edinburgh. It contains over 2,000 items (books, chapters, journal articles, and dissertations), across 12 themes: social, cultural, economic, architectural, etc.

Architectural Plans held by the Edinburgh Dean of Guild Court

The Club provided financial support for an Annotated Catalogue of Architectural Plans submitted to the Edinburgh Dean of Guild Court between 1700 and 1824. This was prepared by Dr Joe Rock in collaboration with Edinburgh City Archives. The Catalogue provides a remarkable guide to the physical development of the city during this highly significant period in our history.

The plans themselves can be viewed, in non-COVID times, in the Edinburgh City Archives in the City Chambers on the High Street.

Southside Graveyard Project

The Club provided a grant of £5,000 to the Edinburgh Southside Graveyard Project in 2016. By restoring headstones which have been laid flat for safety reasons, the Project improves the environment and allows inscriptions to be read once more. The Project works with the City of Edinburgh Council by providing constructive opportunities to participants on the Community Payback Programme. Recent work has been constrained by COVID-19 though up to 15 November 2020, in conjunction with the Grange Association, some 227 headstones were rebuilt and 19 foundations prepared in the Grange Cemetery.

We were sorry to hear of the passing in 2022 of Alan McKinney who provided the drive behind the Graveyard Project. Alan made a contribution in many ways to the work of the Old Edinburgh Club, including serving as Honorary Treasurer. He is much missed.

Alan wrote an article for the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club making the case for the project, and the Grange Association have produced a leaflet on progress (download here).

Edinburgh in Film

The Club has begun a project to capitalise on the Moving Image Archive of the National Library, producing short reviews of films and clips about Edinburgh. Our intention is to publicise the Archive and highlight the Edinburgh content.

The Old Edinburgh Club Prize

For a second year, in conjunction with the University of Edinburgh, the Club has awarded its local history prize. This is for an impressive Masters thesis or, exceptionally, an undergraduate dissertation. The successful candidate was Maximilian Knight, a graduate of the University of Exeter for his thesis, ‘Edinburgh’s Slavery Connection: The British Linen Company and the Plantation Colonies (1727-1833)’.

The inaugural winner in 2019 was Charlotte Bowers for her thesis, ‘Men who loved their fellow mortals: Blood donor recruitment, identity and motivation in Edinburgh, 1930-1939’. We have been pleased to publish an article based on this in The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, Volume 16, 2020.