BOEC New Series Volume 18, 2022

Volume 18 of the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, dated 2022,  was published in March 2023. Please contact us if you would like a copy.

Its contents are:

Professor R J Morris – An Appreciation

Identity, Imagination and George IV in Edinburgh, 1822 
Robert Pirrie

Inventing Scotch Baronial Edinburgh: The Role of Walter Scott
Aonghus MacKechnie

Edinburgh and Slavery
Jennifer Melville

Elevating the Poor: The Origin, Activities and Evolution of the Edinburgh Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor c 1868–1906
Joan Fraser

Servant Keeping and Residential Neighbourhood Composition: Presbyterian Ministers in Late Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh
John W Sawkins and Andrew J Sawkins

The Role of Glass in Chemistry, Especially in Edinburgh
Jill Turnbull

Toun’s College or College’s Toun? A Study into the Social Effects of the Edinburgh University Comprehensive Development Area
Michael Gall

Book reviews

Annual Report of the Old Edinburgh Club