BOEC Original Series : Contents

Volume I (1908)

  • Provisional List of Old Houses Remaining in High Street and Canongate of Edinburgh     By Bruce J. Home
  • The Embalming of Montrose     By John Cameron Robbie
  • The Pantheon: An Old Edinburgh Debating Society     By John A. Fairley
  • Sculptured Stones of Old Edinburgh: The Dean Group     By John Geddie
  • The Buildings at the East End of Princes Street and Corner of the North bridge : A Chapter in the Early History of the New Town of Edinburgh     By William Cowan
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Volume II (1909)

  • Edinburgh at the Time of the Occupation of Prince Charles     By Walter Biggar Blaikie
  • The Flodden Wall of Edinburgh     By W. Moir Bryce
  • The Covenanters’ Prison in the Inner Greyfriars Yard, Edinburgh     By W. Moir Bryce
  • The Cannon-Ball House     By Bruce J. Home
  • The Sculptured Stones of Edinburgh: II. The West-end and Dalry Groups     By John Geddie
  • An Eighteenth Century Survival: The Wagering Club, 1775     By Jas. B. Sutherland
  • At the Back of St. James’s Square     By James Steuart
  • Edinburgh Street Traders and their Cries     By James H. Jamieson
  • Old Cellars and Relics Discovered During the Excavations for the New Chapel at St. Giles’ Cathedral     By Francis Caird Inglis
  • Statues of Justice and Mercy, From the Old Parliament House     By Thomas Ross, LL.D.
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Volume III (1910)

  • The Armorial Bearings of the City of Edinburgh     By Sir James Balfour Paul, LL.D., Lyon King of Arms
  • The Black Friars of Edinburgh     By W. Moir Bruce
  • An Account of the Friday Club, Written by Lord Cockburn, Together with Notes on Certain Other Social Clubs in Edinburgh     By Harry A. Cockburn
  • The Sculptured Stones of Edinburgh: III. Miscellaneous     By John Geddie
  • The History of Parliament Square: Being an Historical Notice of the Southern Precincts of the Church of St. Giles, Edinburgh     By Ralph Richardson
  • Lady Stair’s House     By Thomas B. Whitson
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Volume IV (1911)

  • George Drummond: An Eighteenth Century Lord Provost     By William Baird
  • The Sculptured Stones of Edinburgh: IV. Wrychtis-housis     By John Geddie
  • The Old Tolbooth: With Extracts from the Original Records     By John A. Fairley
  • An Old Edinburgh Monument Now in Perthshire     By Thomas Ross, LL.D.
  • The Society of Friendly Contributors of Restalrig     By Rev. W. Burnett
  • Recent Excavations and Researches at Holyrood     By W. T. Oldrieve
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Volume V (1912)

  • Saint Margaret of Scotland and Her Chapel in the Castle of Edinburgh     By W. Moir Bryce
  • The Site of the Black Friars’ Monastery from the Reformation to the Present Day     By William Cowan
  • The Old Tolbooth: Extracts from the Original Records     By John A. Fairley
  • Moubray House     By Andrew E. Murray
  • Letters from John Bonar to William Creech Concerning the Formation of the Speculative Society     By Rev. Henry Baton
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Volume VI (1913)

  • David’s Tower at Edinburgh Castle     By W. T. Oldrieve
  • The Incorporated Trade of the Skinners of Edinburgh, with Extracts from their Minutes, 1549-1603     By William Angus
  • The Old Tolbooth: Extracts from the Original Records     By John A. Fairley
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Volume VII (1914)

  • The Holyrood Ordinale: a Scottish Version of a Directory of English Augustinian Canons, with Manual and Other Liturgical Forms     Transcribed and Edited by Francis C. Eeles F.S.A.Scot., F.R.Hist.S.     Rhind Lecturer in Archaeology, 1913-14
    • Preface
    • Introduction
      1. Method of Editing
      2. Description of the manuscripts
      3. Date of writing
      4. The purpose of the book
      5. Relation to other Service Books in general
      6. Relation to other Scottish Service Books
      7. Relation to English Augustinian Uses
      8. The preliminary matter and the Kalendar
      9. The Martyrology
      10. The Gospels and Homilies for reading in Chapter
      11. The Rule and the Augustinian Order
      12. Local historical matter
      13. The Ordinale
      14. The Manuale
      15. The Litany
      16. The Inventory
    • Text
      • Form of Bidding Prayer
      • At receiving Bretheren
      • Form of Absolution from Excommunication
      • Verses explaining order of Scripture Lessons and Books
      • Kalendar
      • Rules for ‘Histories’ in Divine Service
      • Forms of Excommunication and Absolution
      • Preces at the Day Hours
      • [Martyrology]
      • Gospels and Homiles for reading in Chapter
      • [The Rule of St.Augustine]
      • History of the foundation of Holyrood
      • On a miracle during its erection
      • History of the foundation of St.Mary’s Isle
      • Names of the abbots of Holyrood
      • Ordinale
      • Manuale:
        • Visitation of the Sick
        • The Commendation
        • Burial of the Dead
        • Reception of one brought for burial from outside
        • Procession to Cemetery in Commemoration of Departed
        • Blessing of Meat and Eggs
        • A General Blessing
        • Blessing of Food and Drink
        • For those on a Journey
        • On Saturdays at the Maundy
      • Litany
      • Inventory of Vestments and Ornaments, 1493
    • Appendix I
      • Collation of chief variations in rubrics of a thirteenth century Augustinian Brevary, Brit. Mus., MS. Harl. 5284A, corresponding to parts of the Holyrood Ordinale
    • Appendix II
      • Agreements between the Augustinian Canons of Guisborough and certain Scottish monestaries regarding deceased bretheren in an thirteenth century service book, Brit. Mus. MS. Add. 35,285.
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Volume VIII (1916)

  • The Magdalen Chapel, Cowgate, Edinburgh     By Thomas Ross and G. Baldwin Brown
  • The Visitation of the College of Edinburgh in 1690     By R. K. Hannay
  • The Old Tolbooth: Extracts from the Original Records     By John A. Fairley
  • John Wesley in Edinburgh     By W. Forbes Gray
  • The Ancient Regalia of Scotland     By W. Moir Bryce
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Volume IX (1916)

  • Incidents and Documents, A.D. 1513-1523     By R. K. Hannay
  • Shipping and the Staple, A.D. 1515-1531     By R. K. Hannay
  • Edinburgh Engravers     By John C. Guy
  • The Old Tolbooth: Extracts from the Original Records     By John A. Fairley
  • The Sedan Chair in Edinburgh     By James H. Jamieson
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Volume X (1918)

  • The Burgh Muir of Edinburgh from the Records     By William Moir Bryce, LL.D.     President of the Club
    1. The Forest of Drumselch and the Burgh Muir
    2. The Grange of St. Giles
    3. The Estate of Bruntsfield
    4. The Lands of Whitehouse
    5. The Muir — David I. to James IV.
    6. The King’s Charter of 1508
    7. The Flodden Campaign
    8. The Magistrates and their Juristiction
    9. The Convent of Saint Catherine of Siena
    10. King James V. and the Burgh Muir
    11. St. Roque’s Chapel and the Lands of Canaan
    12. The Great Plague of 1585
    13. The Wester Burgh Muir
    14. The Easter Burgh Muir
    15. The Fellowship and Society of Brewers of Ale and Beer in Edinburgh
    16. Bruntsfield Links
    17. The South or Burgh Loch
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Volume XI (1922)

  • Map of Edinburgh in the Mid-Eighteenth Century     By Henry F. Kerr
  • The Old Tolbooth: Extracts from the Original Records     By John A. Fairley
  • Shelley in Edinburgh     By Walter Edwin Peck (M.A., Columbia)
  • On the Antecedents of the College of Justice     By R. K. Hannay
  • The Tailors’ Hall, Cowgate     By Thomas Ross, G. Baldwin Brown, W. Forbes Gray
Volume XI is available online

Volume XII (1923)

  • Notes on the Names of the Closes and Wynds of Old Edinburgh     By Charles B. Boog Watson
  • The Old Tolbooth: Extracts from the Original Records     By John A. Fairley
  • The Maps of Edinburgh, 1544-1851     By William Cowan
  • Measured Drawings of Lawnmarket and Castlehill made by Thomas Hamilton, Architect     By F. C. Mears
Volume XII is available online

Volume XIII

  • The Building of the Parliament House     By R. K. Hannay and G. P. H. Watson
  • Bearford’s Parks     By William Cowan
  • List of Owners of Property in Edinburgh, 1635     By Charles B. Boog Watson
Volume XIII is available online

Volume XIV

  • A Note on Huntly House     By William Cowan
  • The Old Tollbooth of Edinburgh     By Henry F. Kerr
  • The Canongate Crafts: An Agreement of 1610     By Annie I. Cameron
  • Mylne Square     By the late Irvine A. Stirling
  • The Sculpted Stones of the “Royal Mile”     By John Geddie
  • The Gardens of the Castle     By C. A. Malcolm
  • Some Inns of the Eighteenth Century     By James H. Jamieson
  • Reminiscences of a Town Clerk     Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by W. Forbes Gray
Volume XIV is available online

Volume XV

  • The Domestic Affairs of the Burgh, 1554-1589     By Marguerite Wood
  • The Sanctuary of Holyrood     By Hugh Hannah
  • Sculpted Stones of the “Royal Mile”: II     By John Geddie
  • The Old Infirmary and Earlier Hospitals     By Robert Thin
  • The Burlaw Court of Leith     By David Robertson
  • The Melville Monument     By W. Forbes Gray
Volume XV is available online

Volume XVI

  • Extracts from Bannatyne Club Publications
    • Introduction     By W. Forbes Gray
    • A Diurnal of Occurrents, 1513-1575
    • Journal of the Siege of the Castle of Edinburgh, 1573
    • Historie and Life of King James the Sext, 1566-1596
    • Diary of John Nicoll, 1650-1667
    • Historical Notices of Scotish Affairs, 1661-1668     By Sir John Lauder of Fountainhall, Bart.
    • Siege of the Castle of Edinburgh, 1689
Volume XVI is available online

Volume XVII

  • Sir Daniel Wilson: The Man and his Work     By Hugh Hannah
  • ‘Cockpen House,’ Castlehill     By H. A. Cockburn
  • Sculptured Stones of the “Royal Mile”: III     By John Geddie
  • St. Paul’s Work     By Marguerite Wood
  • Gabriel’s and Other Old Roads     Compiled by Henry F. Kerr
  • Charles II. Statue, Parliament Square     By E. J. MacRae
  • The Incorporation of Candlemakers of Edinburgh, 1517-1884     By W. Forbes Gray
  • The General Register House     By Henry M. Paton
Volume XVII is available online

Volume XVIII

  • Early Golf at Bruntsfield and Leith     By C. E. S. Chambers
  • State Ceremonials in Edinburgh in the Olden Time     By Francis J. Grant, C.V.O., LL.D., Lyon King of Arms
  • The Barony of Calton: Part I     By Henry M. Paton
  • George IV. Bridge and the West Approach     By David Robertson
  • Incorporation of Cordiners of the Canongate, 1538-1773     By C. A. Malcolm
  • Notes on Lands of High Riggs, Drumdryan, and Tollcross     By John Smith
  • The Quarrying of Salisburgh Crags     By W. Forbes Gray
Volume XVIII is available online

Volume XIX

  • The Hammermen of the Canongate: Part I     By Marguerite Wood
  • Social Assemblies of the Eighteenth Century     By James H. Jamieson
  • The Barony of Calton: Part II     By Henry M. Paton
  • Bonnington: Its Lands and Mansions     By John Russel
  • The Musical Society of Edinburgh and St. Cecilia’s Hall     By W. Forbes Gray
Volume XIX is available online

Volume XX

  • The Grammar School of the Canongate     By H. M. Anderson
  • Dalry House: Its Lands and Owners     By John Smith
  • The Magistrates and Masters of Leith     By David Roberston
  • The Hammermen of the Canongate: Part II     By Marguerite Wood
  • An Eighteenth-Century Riding School     By W. Forbes Gray
Volume XX is available online

Volume XXI (1936)

  • General Index to the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club Volumes I-XX     Compiled by W. Forbes Gray F.R.S.E., F.S.A.Scot,     Editor of the Club’s Publications
Volume XXI is available online
A text version of Volume XXI is also available.

Volume XXII (1938)

  • The Royal Exchange and Other City Improvements     By W. Forbes Gray
  • A Note on the Hopetoun Monument     By W. M. Parker
  • The Edinburgh Charity Workhouse, 1740-1845     By Arthur Birnie
  • East and Wester Crofts of Bristo     By John Smith
  • The Incorporation of the Tailors of the Canongate     By W. H.Marwick
  • Medical Quacks in Edinburgh in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries     By Robert Thin
  • The Builder of Pilrig House     By John Russell
  • The New Town of Edinburgh – I     By F. C. Mears and John Russell
  • The Story of Craigentinny     By James Smith
  • Peter Williamson’s Broadside     By William J. Hay
Volume XXII is available online

Volume XXIII

  • The New Town of Edinburgh – II     By F. C. Mears and John Russell
  • Gleanings from Scottish Exchequer Reports     W. Forbes Gray
  • The Story of Piershill     James Smith
  • The Neighbourhood Book     Marguerite Wood
  • Notes on an Old Lawsuit About Duddingston Mills     Henry M. Paton
  • St. Leonards Lands and Hospital     (John Smith), Henry M. Paton
  • Lord Kames and the North Bridge     Thomas McCrae
Volume XXIII is available online

Volume XXIV (1942)

  • Diary of George Sandy, Apprentice W.S., 1788     By Charles A. Malcolm
  • Historic Morningside: Lands Mansions and Celebrities     By William Mair
  • The Bore Stone     By Henry M. Paton
  • ‘All the Statelie Buildings of … Thomas Roberston’ — A Building Speculator of the Seventeenth Century     By Marguerite Wood
  • The Lands of Newington and their Owners     By W. Forbes Gray
  • Lands of St. Leonards: Southern Section     By Henry M. Paton
  • Cardinal Beaton’s Palace: Blackfriar’s Wynd     By Henry F. Kerr
  • Miscellany
    1. License to Travel
    2. The Mound
    3. Ross (Bristo) House
    4. Gayfield Square
    5. Canongate Church
    6. Tennis
    7. St. Leonard’s Land and Hospital
    8. The General Register House
Volume XXIV is available online

Volume XXV (1945)

  • The Weavers of Picardy     By John Mason
  • Notes on the History of Pilton     By W. Forbes Gray
  • Early Paper Making near Edinburgh     By Robert Waterson
  • Lands and Houses of Drumsheugh     By John Clark Wilson
  • Edinburgh Poll Tax Returns     By Marguerite Wood
  • Skene Drawings of Old Edinburgh     By Robert Butchart
  • Old Dovecotes in and around Edinburgh     By A. Niven Robertson
  • Miscellany
    1. Memories of Morningside
    2. Contracts for Tombstones
    3. Notes of a Visit to Edinburgh, 1778
    4. Porters and Tronmen
    5. Unrecorded Stone
Volume XXV is available online

Volume XXVI (1948)

  • George Square: Annals of an Edinburgh Locality, 1766-1926, from Athentic Records     By Margaret Tait and W. Forbes Gray
    1. Historical Background
    2. Brown’s ‘Centrical Area’
    3. Surroundings in Bygone Times
    4. Famous Residents — North Row
    5. Famous Residents — West Row
    6. Famous Residents — South Row
    7. Famous Residents — East Row
    8. Celebrities and Unidentified Houses
    9. Note on the Architecture
    10. List of Inhabitants, 1766-1926
Volume XXVI is available online

Volume XXVII (1949)

  • Edinburgh in Lord Provost Drummond’s Time     By W. Forbes Gray
  • The Hermitage of Braid     By C. A. Malcolm
  • Edinburgh House Numbers     By Frank Cent
  • The Edinburgh School of Design     By John Mason
  • Old Sundials in and near Edinburgh     By A. Niven Robertson
  • An Edinburgh Diary     By Henry W. Meikle
  • Some Notes on the Early History of the Dean Orphan Hospital     By John Richardson
  • Miscellany
    1. Dovecotes     By A. Niven Robertson
    2. A Servitude Footpath     By Henry Tod, Junr.
    3. Friends Burial Place, Pleasance     By Miss E. Mein
    4. A Forgotten Grave     By F. Gent
    5. The Lochs of Drylaw     By W. Forbes Gray
    6. Two Old Edinburgh Characters     By Miss M Tait
Volume XXVII is available online

Volume XXVIII (1953)

  • The Minutes of the Trades Maiden Hospital     By Rev. Edwin S. Towill
  • James Ronaldson, Baker, Typefounder, Philanthropist, and his Connexions in and around Edinburgh     By Miss M. Tait
  • An Addition to Laing’s Chartulary of St. Giles     By Miss Marguerite Wood
  • St. John Street: An Early Civic Improvement     By the late W. Forbes Gray
  • Convoys to the Trade on the East Coast of Scotland     By Miss Helen Armet
  • Ice Houses of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries     By A. Niven Robertson
  • The Notebook of Sir William Fettes, Bart.     By Miss Marguerite Wood
  • Charles II Lead Equestrian Statue, Parliament Square, Edinburgh     By A. G Forgie
  • William Forbes Gray: An Appreciation     By the Editor
  • Miscellany
    1. Echo of an Edinburgh Election     By Miss M. Tait
    2. A Peep at Edinburgh in the Summer of 1768     [Ed.]
    3. ‘Further Notes on Early Paper Making near Edinburgh’ (Corrigenda)     By Robert Waterston
    4. A French Emigré in Edinburgh in 1797     By J. W. Joyce
Volume XXVIII is available online

Volume XXIX (1956)

  • The Minutes of the Merchant Maiden Hospital     By Rev. Edwin S. Towill
  • The Tron Church     By Miss Marguerite Wood
  • Notes on Rebuilding in Edinburgh in the Last Quarter of the Seventeenth Century     By Miss Helen Armet
  • Extracts from an Edinburgh Journal, 1823-1833: Part I (1823-1828)     By D. G. Moir
  • Miscellany
    1. The Society of Bowlers     By Miss Helen Armet
    2. Sentence by the Balies, 24th August 1738     By Miss Helen Armet
    3. The Loyal Edinburgh Spearmen     By Major H. P. E. Pereia
Volume XXIX is available online

Volume XXX (1959)

  • Treverlen, Duddingston and Arthur’ Seat     By G. W. S. Barrow
  • The Topography of the Water of Leith Village     By Basil C. Skinner
  • Allan Ramsay of Kinkeill’s Property on the Castlehill     By Helen Armet
  • William’s Hut     By Margaret Tait
  • Lost Opportunities: An Account of Some of Edinburgh’s Unrealised Projects     By R. Butchart
  • Extracts from the Journal of Jessy Allan, Wife of John Harden, 1801-1811     By William Park
  • Shops in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Edinburgh     By W. H. Marwick
  • Extracts from an Edinburgh Journal, 1823-1833: Part II (1829-1833)     By D. G. Moir
  • Edinburgh Manuscripts in Possession of Edinburgh Public Libraries
  • Miscellany
    1. An Inventory of 1709     By Helen Armet
    2. The Origins of the Dean Bridge Project     By Basil C. Skinner
Volume XXX is available online

Volume XXXI (1962)

  • The Tower of Merchiston: I. History     By Helen Armet
  • The Tower of Merchiston: II. Architecture     By Stuart Harris
  • George Heriot’s Hospital     By W. Douglas Simpson
  • An Old Edinburgh Club     By Alexander Clark
  • A Contemporary Account of the Royal Visit to Edinburgh, 1822     By B. C. Skinner
  • Edinburgh Manuscripts in the Possession of the University of Edinburgh Library
  • Miscellany
    1. Letters from Dr. Gregory and Sir Henry Raeburn     By John Richardson
    2. Clothing as a Pledge     By Helen Armet
    3. Siezure for Debt     By Helen Armet
    4. Disgraceful Conduct of a Burgess     By Helen Armet
    5. The Apprentice Agreement of Two Girls in 1638     By Helen Armet
    6. Lost Opportunities – Nor’ Loch     By R. Buchart
    7. Three More Huts     By Mararet Tait
Volume XXXI is available online

Volume XXXII (1966)

  • Map of the Siege of Leith, 1560     Gordon Donaldson
  • Two Notable Epidemics in Edinburgh and Leith     By H. P. Tait
  • Some Edinburgh Furniture Makers     By Francis Bamford
  • Edinburgh Castle, 1751-1753     By T. I. Rae
  • Teachers in Edinburgh in the Eighteenth Century     By Alexander Law
  • The Loyal Edinburgh Spearmen     By Helen Armet
  • George Combe and the 1836 Election for the Edinburgh University Chair of Logic     By A. Cameron Grant
  • The Dean Gardens     By Neil Bayne
  • Tollcross to Morningside in the Olden Days     By Andrew Patterson
  • Miscellany
    1. A Dispute Between Guild Brothers     By Helen Armet
    2. Edinburgh in the Pitcalnie Papers     By Miss R. R. Williamson Ross of Pitcalnie
    3. Early Inhabitants of George Square     By Margaret Tait
Volume XXXII is available online


  • Part 1 (1969)
  • James Hossack – Honorary Secretary of the Old Edinburgh Club, 1953-1965
  • The Tower of Merchiston – A Supplementary Report     By Stuart Harris
  • Three Little-Known Early Drawings of Edinburgh Castle     By John G. Dunbar
  • The Recollections of Lindsay Rae – Bowmaker to the Royal Company of Archers     By Sir James Fergusson
  • The Edinburgh Branch of the Scottish National Union of Cabinet and Chair Makers, 1833-1837     By Ian MacDougall
  • James McLaren, Schoolmaster     By The late Miss Elizabeth Hume Ross
  • Municipal Politics in Victorian Edinburgh     By W. H. Marwick
  • The Edinburgh Literary Institute     By W. H. Marwick
  • The Bible Land Manuscript
  • The Scottish Marine Station for Scientific Research, Granton, 1884 to 1903     By W. N. Boog Watson
  • Miscellany
    1. Edinburgh in the Pitcalnie Papers again
  • Part 2 (1971)
  • Extracts from the Diary of the Rev. David Aitken, D.D. 1864-1875     By R. G. Heddle
  • The Edinburgh Skating Club     By Margaret Elliot
  • Part 3 (1972)
  • The Balm-Well of Saint Catherine, Liberton     By W. N. Boog Watson
  • Dr Thomas Latta     By Alastair H. B. Masson
  • The Mercat Cross of Edinburgh     By Stuart Harris
  • The Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway     By Angus Graham
  • Three Edinburgh Microscope Makers: John Finlayson, William Roberston and John Clark     By D. J. Bryden
  • “Hamilton Place Academy”     A Prospectus of 1859
  • Appreciations
Volume XXXIII is available online

Volume XXXIV

  • Part I (1974)
  • The Regality and Barony of Broughton: Some of its Characters and Personalities, 1592-1600     By Andrew H. Anderson
  • Survey of the Development of Edinburgh     By Dr Marguerite Wood
  • Part 2 (1979)
  • Early Baths and Bagnios in Edinburgh     By the late W. N. Boog Watson
  • John Knox in the Bishop of Dunkeld’s “Great Lodging”     By W. Stanford Reid
  • Excavations on the Site of the Chapel of St Mary and St James, Newhaven     By J. C. Wallace
  • Edinburgh’s Village Suburbs, 1800-1939     By Alan J. Strachan
  • Boswell’s Court, Castlehill     By Philip L. Wilson
  • John Adams, Debtor     By R. E. Scott
  • Edinburgh University’s Extension Scheme of 1874     By Peter D. Savage
  • Part 3 (1983)
  • Road Administration in Midlothian in the Early Eighteenth Century     By R. G. Heddle
Volume XXXIV is available online

Volume XXXV

  • Part 1 (1981)
  • A Schoolboy’s Diary for 1850     By Roy R. Campbell
  • Part 2 (1985)
  • Midlothian – or the Shire of Edinburgh?     By Professor G. W. S. Barrow
  • Mary Queen of Scots and Sir Simon Preston’s House     By Stuart Harris
  • The French Prisons in Edinburgh Castle     By N. G. Allen
Volume XXXV is available online