BOEC New Series Volume 9, 2012

St Bernard’s Well and the Water of Leith from the Stock Bridge to the Dean Bridge
Patricia R. Andrew

Edinburgh Goldsmiths and Radical Politics, 1793-94: The Case of David Downie
William Irvine Fortescue

The Rise and Fall of Tam Smith: An Edinburgh Politician’s Brief Encounter with the Dundas Interest
Steven Holt

The Experimental Garden of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society: ‘Our Favourite Object’
David Affleck

The Row Over the ‘Screen Wall’ of General Register House in 1849
J. E. Cookson

Babberton, Redhall and Dalry: Ambition, Indiscretion and Misfortune in Old Edinburgh
J. John Brand and Muriel P. Brand

Thomas Wright’s Edinburgh Almanac, 1733
Judy Preston

The Dickson Nurserymen Unravelled
Hamish Johnston

The City of Edinburgh: Landscape and Building Stone
Andrew A. McMillan

The Edinburgh Graveyard Project: A Social Solution and Methodology for Rebuilding Gravestones
Alan McKinney and Andrew McMillan

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Constitution of the Old Edinburgh Club
Annual Report of the Old Edinburgh Club, 2009-10 and 1010-11