BOEC New Series Volume 8, 2010

The OEC Centenary Conference: President’s Remarks
Iain Gordon Brown

In Search of Twentieth-Century Edinburgh
R. J. Morris

Lawyer’s Edinburgh 1908-2008
Hector L. McQueen

Twentieth-Century Science in Edinburgh: A brief Personal Selection
Aubrey Manning

The Lecture as Edinburgh’s Snare of the Sun
Owen Dudley Edwards

Religious Identity in a Century of Secularisation: The Edinburgh Churches Since 1900
Stewart J. Brown

Rambling Round the Walls One Hundred Years On
Graeme Cruickshank

A Centenary Re-creation of an OEC Council Ritual
Graeme Cruickshank

Constitution of the Old Edinburgh Club
Annual Reports of the Old Edinburgh Club 2007-08 and 2008-09