BOEC New Series Volume 4, 1997

Historical Notes on Chessels Court
R. Ian McCallum

The Turnpike Road to Cramond and Queensferry
Barclay S. Fraser

A Genteel Academy: The Edinburgh Drawing Institution, 1825-1836
Helen Smailes

D. T. K. Drummond and the Foundation of St Thomas’s Church
David Ford

Public and Privileged Access: A Historical Survey of Admission Charges and Visitor Figures for Part of the Scottish National Collections
Geoffrey N. Swinney and David Heppell

Edinburgh Portraiti

Greyfriars’ Bobby: Dog or Myth?
Sara Stevenson


The Palace at Edinburgh Castle
Charles McKean

The Canonmills Gunpowder Manufactory and a newly discovered Plan by John Adair
Peter G. Vasey

James Hutton’s House at St John’s Hill, Edinburgh
Norman E. Butcher

Surpassing Expectations: An East Anglian Visitor’s Report of 1790
Iain Gordon Brown

The First and Second Halls of the Royal Medical Society
M. H. Kaufman

An Accidental Crime
N. J. Mills

Shinty in Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh and a Painting of Duddingston Loch by Charles Altamont Doyle
John Burnett

The Conversazione at the Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art, 1875
John Burnett

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