BOEC New Series Volume 3, 1994

The Lands of Warriston
Zella Ashford

Fire and Filth: Edinburgh’s Environment, 1660-1760
Rab Houston

The Development of Edinburgh’s Second New Town
Connie Byrom

The West Port Murders and the Miniature Coffins from Arthur’s Seat
Samuel Pyeatt Menefee and Allen D. C. Simpson

Changing Edinburgh
Ian Campbell

The Holy Corner
Yvonne Hillyard

Edinburgh Portraits

William Smellie, 1740-1795
Stephen Brown


The Wrichtishousis: ‘A Very Curious Edifice’
Charles McKean

John Kay’s Satires on Sir Lawrence Dundas
Iain Gordon Brown

James Hamilton’s ‘Lying-In’ Hospital at Park House
A. D. C. Simpson

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