BOEC New Series Volume 15, 2019

Table of Contents

Edinburgh as Athens: New Evidence to support a topographical and intellectual idea current in the early nineteenth century
Iain Gordon Brown

Princes Street, Edinburgh: A street of encounters
Clarisse Godard Desmarest

Queen Victoria, Edinburgh, and A Sense of Place
Richard Rodger

‘Give Authority’, The Treasury and the Renovation of Holyrood, 1837-1909
Ian Levitt

Edinburgh Suffragists: Excercising the franchise at local level
Esther Breitenbach

Kirkgate Comprehensive Development Area
Michael Gall

Henrietta Wilson: The Chronicles of a Garden: Its Pets and its Pleasures
Sara Stephenson

Cachepell and Tennis in Edinburgh in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries
Thomas Brochard

‘Contributions at St Petersburg’: Patriotic support for public monuments in Edinburgh in the early nineteenth century
Patricia R Andrew

Book Reviews