BOEC New Series Volume 13, 2017

The Old Town of Edinburgh from Waverley Bridge c.1889

Table of Contents

Advocate’s Close and Adam Bothwell’s House
Robin Tait

Ebenezer Oliphant, 1713–98: Edinburgh Goldsmith and Life-Long Jacobite
William Irvine Forsecue

Oddfellows Hall. 14 Forrest Road, Edinburgh
Alan McKinney

Ebenezer Macrae and Interwar Housing in Edinburgh
Steven Robb

In defence of Parochialism: Municipal Politics in 20th century Edinburgh
David McCrone

The Treasury and Edinburgh’s Museum of Science and Art, 1844–89
Ian Levitt

St Roch’s Chapel and Plague on the Burgh Muir of Edinburgh with
Which Chapel of St Roch did James IV visit in 1507?
Douglas Baugh

A View of Abercrombie Place by Alexander Nasmyth and its Relationship to Wider Edinburgh Topography
Patrica Andrew and Iain Gordon Brown

The Edinburgh Graveyard Project
Alan McKinney

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