BOEC New Series Volume 12, 2016

Table of Contents

The Decorated Room at Moray House, c.1706-1710
Joe Rock

Black Slaves, Apprentices or Servants in Eighteenth-Century Scotland: Evidence from Edinburgh Newspapers
William Irvine Fortescue

Nineteenth Century Nimbys: Henry Raeburn versus the Stockbridge Steam Engine
Karen Baston

The War of Words — The Rise and Fall of the Beacon Newspaper
John Chalmers

‘The Scotch Diable Boiteaux’ or the Lame Scottish Devil: Masonic Rebellion and the Rise of the Whigs
Mark C Wallace

Four Statues and a Landslip: Allan Ramsay, John Wilson, Thomas Guthrie and Charity
Patricia R Andrew

The March Stones Around Edinburgh Castle
John M Barton

The Treasury and the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden, 1846–1914
Ian Levitt

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