BOEC New Series: Contents

Volume 1, 1991

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Contents and preamble

Ceremonial in Edinburgh: The Heralds and the Jacobite Risings
Sir Malcolm Innes of Edingight

Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Edinburgh Seedsmen and Nurserymen
Priscilla Minay

Two Robert Adam Buildings illustrated on Edinburgh Trade Tokens
G. R. Dalgleish

The Edinburgh Villa
Ian Gow

An Edinburgh Intrigue: Brewster’s Society of Arts and the Pantograph Dispute
A. D. C. Simpson

Edinburgh Portraits

Sir William Forbes, 1739-1806, Banker and Philanthropist
Sheila Devlin-Thorp


An Edinburgh Lawyer and his Bees
Una A. Robertson

Causey Clash of Kirk, Town and College, 1747-48
Iain Gordon Brown

Book Reviews

OEC Constitution and Annual Reports 1985-1990

Volume 2, 1992

Contents and preamble

New Light on the First New Town
Stuart Harris

‘The Connoisseurs’ Identified?
Zella Ashford

Robert Adam’s Drawings: Edinburgh’s Loss, London’s Gain
Iain Gordon Brown

John Gulland’s Diary, 1846-1849: A Transcript and Commentary
John B. Barclay

Edinburgh Portraits

Samuel McClellan, Lord Provost of Edinburgh, 1706-1708
Richard Torrance

William Nicol, FRSE, c.1771-1851, Lecturer, Scientist and Collector
A. D. Morrison-Low


The School of the Royal College of Holyrood House
The Very Reverend Ronald Selby Wright

A Scottish Rococo Bookplate and its Peers
Ian Gow

Book Reviews

Volume 3, 1994

Contents and preamble

The Lands of Warriston
Zella Ashford

Fire and Filth: Edinburgh’s Environment, 1660-1760
Rab Houston

The Development of Edinburgh’s Second New Town
Connie Byrom

The West Port Murders and the Miniature Coffins from Arthur’s Seat
Samuel Pyeatt Menefee and Allen D. C. Simpson

Changing Edinburgh
Ian Campbell

The Holy Corner
Yvonne Hillyard

Edinburgh Portraits

William Smellie, 1740-1795
Stephen Brown


The Wrichtishousis: ‘A Very Curious Edifice’
Charles McKean

John Kay’s Satires on Sir Lawrence Dundas
Iain Gordon Brown

James Hamilton’s ‘Lying-In’ Hospital at Park House
A. D. C. Simpson

Book Reviews

OEC Constitution and Annual Reports 1992 and 1993

Volume 4, 1997

Contents and preamble

Historical Notes on Chessels Court
R. Ian McCallum

The Turnpike Road to Cramond and Queensferry
Barclay S. Fraser

A Genteel Academy: The Edinburgh Drawing Institution, 1825-1836
Helen Smailes

D. T. K. Drummond and the Foundation of St Thomas’s Church
David Ford

Public and Privileged Access: A Historical Survey of Admission Charges and Visitor Figures for Part of the Scottish National Collections
Geoffrey N. Swinney and David Heppell

Edinburgh Portraiti

Greyfriars’ Bobby: Dog or Myth?
Sara Stevenson


The Palace at Edinburgh Castle
Charles McKean

The Canonmills Gunpowder Manufactory and a newly discovered Plan by John Adair
Peter G. Vasey

James Hutton’s House at St John’s Hill, Edinburgh
Norman E. Butcher

Surpassing Expectations: An East Anglian Visitor’s Report of 1790
Iain Gordon Brown

The First and Second Halls of the Royal Medical Society
M. H. Kaufman

An Accidental Crime
N. J. Mills

Shinty in Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh and a Painting of Duddingston Loch by Charles Altamont Doyle
John Burnett

The Conversazione at the Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art, 1875
John Burnett

Book Reviews

Volume 5, 2002

Contents and preamble

William Cheape of the Canongate, an Eighteenth Century Linen Manufacturer
Vanessa Habib

The Museums of the Edinburgh Phrenological Society
M. H. Kaufman and S. Blomfield

A Century of Change in George Square, 1876-1976
Clive Fenton

Edinburgh Portrait

Hugh William Williams (‘Grecian’ Williams) 1773-1829
Joe Rock


Adam Square: An Edinburgh Architectural First
Ian R. M. Mowat

James Craig, 1739-1795: Correction of his Date of Birth
Kitty Cruft

An Undocumented Plan for Edinburgh’s First New Town by James Craig
Volker M. Welter

Additions to the Descriptive List of Works and Projects by James Craig
Anthony Lewis

Book Reviews

Index to Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, New Series, Volumes 1-5

OEC Annual Reports for 1997, 1998 and 2000

Volume 6, 2005

Contents and preamble

Defending the Burgh: Continuity and Change in Early Modern Edinburgh’s Defence Infrastructure
Aaron M. Allen

Richard Cooper Senior (c.1696-1764) and his Properties in Edinburgh
Joe Rock

From James Mansfield to Ramsays, Bonars & Company: Some Notes on the Story of a Private Bank
Zella Ashford

Location Veterinary Education in Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century
Alastair A. Macdonald, Colin M. Warwick and W. T. Johnston

Edinburgh Portrait

William Trotter, Cabinet Maker, Entrepreneur and Lord Provost, 1772-1833
Stephen Jackson


‘Our Small World of Fashion’; or the Dark Side of the Ball
Iain Gordon Brown

A Rare Survival — The Whin Club Box
Jill Turnbull

Book Reviews

OEC Annual Reports for 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2005

Volume 7, 2008

Contents and preamble

Rosebery and the Birth of the Old Edinburgh Club
Owen Dudley Edwards

Burgage Plots and the Foundation of the Burgh of Edinburgh
Robin Tait

The Prisons of War in Edinburgh Castle
Chris Tabraham

Thomas and John Donaldson and the Edinburgh Medical Class Cards
A.D.C. Simpson

An Account of the Duddingston Curling Society, 1795-1854
David B. Smith

Robert Forrest (1789-1852) and his Exhibition on the Calton Hill
Joe Rock

The Edinburgh School of Cookery
Una A. Robertson

Edinburgh Portraits

Gregor Drummond, 1744-1813, Flesher
Graham Palmer

Daniel Wilson, 1816-1892
Kitty Cruft


James Craig’s Original Design for the Observatory on Calton Hill, May 1776
D.J. Bryden

The Burns-Scott Meeting at Sciennes Hill House
David Purdie

Daniel Macintosh and the Repository of Arts
Iain Gordon Brown

Book Reviews

OEC Annual Reports for 2006 and 2007

Volume 8, 2010

The OEC Centenary Conference: President’s Remarks
Iain Gordon Brown

In Search of Twentieth-Century Edinburgh
R. J. Morris

Lawyer’s Edinburgh 1908-2008
Hector L. McQueen

Twentieth-Century Science in Edinburgh: A Brief Personal Selection
Aubrey Manning

The Lecture as Edinburgh’s Snare of the Sun
Owen Dudley Edwards

Religious Identity in a Century of Secularisation: The Edinburgh Churches Since 1900
Stewart J. Brown

Rambling Round the Walls One Hundred Years On
Graeme Cruickshank

A Centenary Re-creation of an OEC Council Ritual
Graeme Cruickshank


Constitution of the Old Edinburgh Club
Annual Reports of the Old Edinburgh Club 2007-08 and 2008-09

Volume 9, 2012

St Bernard’s Well and the Water of Leith from the Stock Bridge to the Dean Bridge
Patricia R. Andrew

Edinburgh Goldsmiths and Radical Politics, 1793-94: The Case of David Downie
William Irvine Fortescue

The Rise and Fall of Tam Smith: An Edinburgh Politician’s Brief Encounter with the Dundas Interest
Steven Holt

The Experimental Garden of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society: ‘Our Favourite Object’
David Affleck

The Row Over the ‘Screen Wall’ of General Register House in 1849
J. E. Cookson

Babberton, Redhall and Dalry: Ambition, Indiscretion and Misfortune in Old Edinburgh
J. John Brand and Muriel P. Brand

Thomas Wright’s Edinburgh Almanac, 1733
Judy Preston

The Dickson Nurserymen Unravelled
Hamish Johnston

The City of Edinburgh: Landscape and Building Stone
Andrew A. McMillan

The Edinburgh Graveyard Project: A Social Solution and Methodology for Rebuilding Gravestones
Alan McKinney and Andrew McMillan

Book Reviews


Constitution of the Old Edinburgh Club
Annual Report of the Old Edinburgh Club, 2009-10 and 2010-11

Volume 10, 2014

‘A Venerable and Romantic Ruin’: St Anthony’s Chapel and its place in Edinburgh’s Historical and Visual Image
Patricia R. Andrew

James Ker, Member of Parliament for Edinburgh, 1747–1754
William Irvine Fortescue

The Musick Club and the Edinburgh Musical Society
Roger L. Emerson and Jenny Macleod
with the Editorial Assistance of Allen Simpson

Ramsay Garden : ‘Professor Geddes’s New Buildings’
R. J. Morris

The Public Washhouses of Edinburgh
Steven Robb

Edinburgh Portrait

Sir John Marjoribanks, Bart, MP (1763–1833)
Roger Marjoribanks


‘Spectator of the Busy Scene’ : A Visitor of 1793 Experiences Edinburgh Outside and In
Iain Gordon Brown

Book Review


Annual Reports of the Old Edinburgh Club, 2011–12 and 2012–13

Volume 11, 2015

The Monument To John Bayne Of Pitcarlie — A Neo Classical Puzzle
Joe Rock

Archibald Mcdowall (1743-1816): “A Public Spirited Man”
Alison Macdonald

Epidemic Disease In Edinburgh, 1840-1850
Neil Macgillivray

The Formation Of The Old Edinburgh Club And Its First 300 Members
Alan McKinney and Bob Morris

A Morningside Brethren Meeting. The Old School House
Alastair J Durie

“Quite Unique In His Own Cemetery”: Sir James Caw’s Gravestone
Denis Smith

Book Reviews

Volume 12, 2016

The Decorated Room at Moray House, c.1706-1710
Joe Rock

Black Slaves, Apprentices or Servants in Eighteenth-Century Scotland: Evidence from Edinburgh Newspapers
William Irvine Fortescue

Nineteenth Century Nimbys: Henry Raeburn versus the Stockbridge Steam Engine
Karen Baston

The War of Words — The Rise and Fall of the Beacon Newspaper
John Chalmers

‘The Scotch Diable Boiteaux’ or the Lame Scottish Devil: Masonic Rebellion and the Rise of the Whigs
Mark C Wallace

Four Statues and a Landslip: Allan Ramsay, John Wilson, Thomas Guthrie and Charity
Patricia R Andrew

The March Stones Around Edinburgh Castle
John M Barton

The Treasury and the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden, 1846–1914
Ian Levitt

Book Reviews

Volume 13, 2017

Advocate’s Close and Adam Bothwell’s House
Robin Tait

Ebenezer Oliphant, 1713–98: Edinburgh Goldsmith and Life-Long Jacobite
William Irvine Forsecue

Oddfellows Hall. 14 Forrest Road, Edinburgh
Alan McKinney

Ebenezer Macrae and Interwar Housing in Edinburgh
Steven Robb

In defence of Parochialism: Municipal Politics in 20th century Edinburgh
David McCrone

The Treasury and Edinburgh’s Museum of Science and Art, 1844–89
Ian Levitt

St Roch’s Chapel and Plague on the Burgh Muir of Edinburgh with
Which Chapel of St Roch did James IV visit in 1507?
Douglas Baugh

A View of Abercrombie Place by Alexander Nasmyth and its Relationship to Wider Edinburgh Topography
Patricia Andrew and Iain Gordon Brown

The Edinburgh Graveyard Project
Alan McKinney

Book Reviews

Volume 14, 2018

The Design and Building of Newhailes House
Joe Rock

Food for Thought: Coffee, Coffee-houses and le bon Goût in Edinburgh during the Scottish Enlightenment
Janet Starkey

Edinburgh’s First Chinese Gentleman
Barclay Price

James Syme — Humanity and the Garden
Sara Stevenson

The Treasury and the National Galleries of Scotland, 1844 – 1910
Ian Levitt

Collective Action to Meet Social Needs: Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council
Alan Rees

Book Reviews

Volume 15, 2019

Edinburgh As Athens: New Evidence to Support a Topographical and Intellectual Idea Current in the Early Nineteenth Century
Iain Gordon Brown

Princes Street, Edinburgh: A Street of Encounter
Clarisse Godard Desmarest

Queen Victoria, Edinburgh, and a Sense of Place
Richard Rodger

‘Give Authority’, The Treasury and the Renovation of Holyrood, 1837-1909
Ian Levitt

Edinburgh Suffragists: Exercising the Franchise at Local Level
Esther Breitenbach

Kirkgate Comprehensive Development Area
Michael Gall

Henrietta Wilson: The Chronicles of a Garden: Its Pets and its Pleasures
Sara Stevenson

Cachepell and Tennis in Edinburgh in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Thomas Brochard

‘Contributions at St Petersburg’: Patriotic Support for Public Monuments in Edinburgh in the Early Nineteenth Century
Patricia R Andrew

Book Reviews


Volume 16, 2020

Andrew G. Fraser – An Appreciation

Circumnavigating the Globe: RW Forsyth’s, Princes Street, and its Meanings
Roger Emmerson

‘An Edinburgh Citizen of Very Ancient Standing’: Prime Minister Lord Rosebery, Architectural Patron and Conservationist
Clarisse Godard Desmarest and Aonghus MacKechnie

The Edinburgh Academy of St Luke at Work, c.1737–47
Joe Rock

‘Men Who Loved Their Fellow Mortals’: Blood Donor Recruitment, Identity and Motivation in Edinburgh, 1930–1939
Charlotte Bowers

Building ‘The Palace of Bokes’: Robert Reid, William Stark and the Signet Library
James Hamilton

A Halberdier at the Piazza: John Myles and the City Officer
Patricia R. Andrew and Iain Gordon Brown


Finding Edinburgh’s Pasts: Introducing the OEC Bibliography of Edinburgh History
Malcolm Noble

The Edinburgh Graveyard Project: Rebuilding Monuments
Alan McKinney

Book Reviews


Volume 17, 2021

Published March 2022

John Borthwick Gilchrist: An Edinburgh Lad o’ Pairts Let Loose in India and London
Antonia Simpson and Roger Jeffery

Jews in Edinburgh and Their Marriages 1841-1911
Gillian M. Raab

Early History of Morningside
Douglas Baugh

H.M. Treasury and the University of Edinburgh, 1840-1900
Ian Levitt

Philanthropist, Female, Forgotten: Catherine Sinclair
Diana Leat

Reconsidering an Edinburgh Institution: The British Linen Company and Its Slavery Connection
Maximilian Knight

Around the Botanics in 350 Years: An Exploration of the Evolution of Edinburgh’s World Leading Botanic Garden
Simon Milne

The City from Afar: John Thomson’s Edinburgh from Hillside. A Tale of Collectors and Collections
Patricia R. Andrew

Book Reviews


Volume 18, 2022

Professor R. J. Morris – An Appreciation

Identity, Imagination and George IV in Edinburgh, 1822
Robert Pirrie

Inventing Scotch Baronial Edinburgh: The Role of Walter Scott
Aonghus MacKechnie

Edinburgh and Slavery
Jennifer Melville

Elevating the Poor: The Origin, Activities and Evolution of the Edinburgh Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor c.1868–1906
Joan Fraser

Servant Keeping and Residential Neighbourhood Composition: Presbyterian Ministers in Late Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh
John W. Sawkins and Andrew J. Sawkins

The Role of Glass in Chemistry, Especially in Edinburgh
Jill Turnbull

Toun’s College or College’s Toun? A Study into the Social Effects of the Edinburgh University Comprehensive Development Area
Michael Gall

Book Reviews

Annual Report


Volume 19, 2023

Networked Edinburgh 1800–1820: James Bremner and the Stamp Office Story
Penelope Wilson

Major James Weir of Tollcross and Drumsheugh (1757–1820): Royal Marine, Topographical Artist and Edinburgh Feuar
Jane Croom

James Nicolson, A Leith Jacobite Martyr
Steven Robb

The Treasury, Edinburgh, and the Royal Mile, 1824–1911
Ian Levitt

The Burgh Church Seat Rents: A Source of Municipal Revenue in Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh
John W. Sawkins


The Old Edinburgh Club – Edinburgh Central Library Manuscript Cataloguing Project
Matthew Ferrie

Book reviews

Annual Report and AGM