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Summer 2017 Visits

Wednesday, 05 April 2017

Dear Member,

Enclosed please find the 2017 summer programme of outings. There are two but each repeated; because of the physical restrictions of the locations to be visited, numbers are limited. As before due to potential over-subscription, the Council has decided that places on these outings should be offered to Old Edinburgh Club members only. (If you have a friend who learns of our programme of outings and really wants to come, then you should persuade them to join the Club!)

Because of the likelihood of events being over-subscribed, a ballot system will be operated (rather than ‘first come, first served’). Please use the attached form to indicate your choice(s), plus the number of places required if you hold joint membership. If more than one outing has been selected, grade them 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in order of preference. When you have made your selection, please return your slip, together with the appropriate payment ( cheques made out to the “Old Edinburgh Club” ), to arrive no later than 13th May. N.B. If applying for more than one outing, please send separate cheques for each outing. Also please enclose a stamped addressed envelope so that you may be informed of which outing(s) you will be attending.

These slips will then be assessed with the aim of giving members what they have requested, though this cannot be guaranteed if demand is heavy. With regard to any outings where you have been unsuccessful, your unused cheque will be returned. We hope that every member who wishes to participate in the summer programme should be able to go on at least one outing. This work of co-ordination is being undertaken by myself, Jerry Ozaniec. Therefore please send your completed form, with payment, to:

Jerry Ozaniec,
25/7 Silvermills,

Yours sincerely,
Jerry Ozaniec, Membership Secretary

Update - extra visit

We have been lucky enough to have been offered a chance of an extra Visit this summer. This will be to St Cecilia's Hall on Thursday 15 June. [ More details … ].

Greyfriars Kirkyard

Hear of the very beginnings of Greyfriars. Meet George who died in the early 1600's. Why do we still talk about him today? Learn the full story of Greyfriars Bobby and visit the mausoleum of one of the finest architectural dynasties in the history of Scotland. A fantastic advert for the family business you'll discover!

I'll also show you where the man who greeted William of Orange on the beach at Brixham in the district of Torbay lies at rest and tell you his story. You'll also see where hundreds of people were forced to end their lives in cruelty.

For more info see the website, Edinburgh Tours and History (

Tour leader:
Fraser Paterson is a fellow member of the Old Edinburgh Club who has several years experience as a freelance tour guide in Edinburgh; one of his specialities is Greyfriars Kirkyard.
Inside the main entrance to Greyfriars, on the left by the large sign.
10am on Wednesday 31 May, Wednesday 28 June, or Wednesday 26 July
£5 per head.
numbers limited to 12 each time.

Morningside's Bible and Plague Lands

This walk, which will last about 1 hour, will cover some aspects of the history of the western part of the Burgh Muir with special reference to measures taken to cope with outbreaks of the plague in Edinburgh and to the derivation of the Biblical names (Egypt, Canaan, etc.) that occur in the Morningside area. Although the route will be on pavements and metalled paths, there is a very short, optional, section that is not and stout shoes are recommended.

Tour leaders:
Douglas Baugh & Ted Duvall are members of the Old Edinburgh Club.
Outside Morningside Post Office.
3pm on Wednesday 7 June and 7:30pm on Wednesday 12 July.
£5 per head.
numbers limited to 20 each time.