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poster for 11th October meeting
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The Death and Life of the Great Lafayette

Ian Robertson & Gordon Rutter

Edinburgh born, Ian Robertson FSA Scot grew up with a keen sense of our local history and tradition. He is involved heavily as chair of the local Edinburgh and South East branch of the Venerable Order of St John and through the ancient Convenery of Trades of Edinburgh he is currently the Boxmaster and the Deacon of the Incorporation of Candlemakers of Edinburgh, as well as being a member of the Hammermen and Bonnetmakers and Dyers Trades Incorportions.

A published author Ian has written articles for journals and contributed to books and on the back of his research has lectured extensively. His published books are mainly co-authored works: The Quest for the Celtic Key with Karen Ralls-Macleod (2002), Rosslyn and the Grail with Mark Oxbrow (2005), The Death and Life of the Great Lafayette with Gordon Rutter (2011) and Flodden and the Blue Blanket with Graeme Cruickshank and Henry Steuart Fothringham (2013).

Gordon Rutter FSA Scot is a scientist and historian based in Edinburgh and although not originally a native he is very much at home here and is intrinsic to many local groups. Like Ian he is involved in the Incorporated Trades as a member of the Incorporation of Candlemakers. He chairs and coordinates the activities of the Edinburgh Fortean Society because he is passionate about all things Fortean — that is anomalous phenomena which he has lectured about and written extensively for many journals internationally. His books include: How the mushroom got its spots, with Sue Assinder (2000), Paranormal Newcastle (2009), Paranormal Edinburgh (2009), Ghosts Caught on Film (2011) and with Ian, The Death and Life of the Great Lafayette (2011).

Between them, Ian and Gordon have contributed to various UK and international documentary TV and radio projects, as well as News night, Reporting Scotland and The One Show.

Wednesday 11th October 2017 at 7pm
Augustine United Church,
41 George IV Bridge,
Edinburgh, EH1 1EL

There is access for the disabled and an induction loop at the hall.

View the location of the Augustine United Church on a map.

Lectures are free to members and open to non-members paying a small fee (currently £5.00).