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Guidelines for Contributors

1. Authors are invited to send a preliminary note outlining the proposed contribution to the editor of the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club (BOEC), Professor Robert J Morris, 3 Primrose Hill Cottages, Duns, TD11 3TL, Email: An early indication of the illustrations envisaged would be helpful.

2. Copy should be submitted in typescript, double spaced, on one side of A4 paper, with wide margins. It is desirable that the text is also supplied on disk when the contribution is produced by word processor.

3. Contributions should follow the house style as shown in the most recently published volume of the new series of BOEC. Copies can be consulted in the Edinburgh Room, Edinburgh City Libraries, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh, and other subscribing libraries.

4. Notes and references should follow the text, with arabic numerals inserted consecutively at the ends of the appropriate sentences in the text. This is most appropriately done with autonumbered endnotes in a word processor program.

5. References to printed sources should be set out as in the following examples. Titles of books and journals in italics. All abbreviations should be spelt out in full at first mention.
Sir Daniel Wilson, Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time, 2nd edn, 2 vols (Edinburgh 1891) II, p. 59.
J. B. Morrell, 'Medicine and Science in the Eighteenth Century', in Gordon Donaldson (ed.), Four Centuries: Edinburgh University Life, 1583-1983 (Edinburgh 1983), pp. 38-52.
R. K. Hannay and G. P. H. Watson, 'The Building of Parliament House', Book of the Old Edinburgh Club, 13 (1924), pp. 1-78.

6. References to manuscript sources should be in accordance with the practice of the repository in which the documents are housed. Examples are:
Edinburgh City Archives (ECA), Town Council Minutes, 12 August 1752.
National Library of Scotland (NLS), MS. 638, ff. 9-10.