The Abbey Brewery The Abbey Brewery
the propery of Messrs.W.Younger and Co.
Anonymous engraved view published on p.218 of
The Official Illustrated Guide to the North British Railways, 1861
Courtesy of the National Archives of Scotland (BR/LIB(S)/18/52)

BOEC Volume 5, 2002

William Cheape of the Canongate, an Eighteenth Century Linen Manufacturer
Vanessa Habib

The Museums of the Edinburgh Phrenological Society
M. H. Kaufman and S. Blomfield

A Century of Change in George Square, 1876-1976
Clive Fenton

Edinburgh Portrait

Hugh William Williams (‘Grecian’ Williams) 1773-1829
Joe Rock


Adam Square: An Edinburgh Architectural First
Ian R. M. Mowat

James Craig, 1739-1795: Correction of his Date of Birth
Kitty Cruft

An Undocumented Plan for Edinburgh's First New Town by James Craig
Volker M. Welter

Additions to the Descriptive List of Works and Projects by James Craig
Anthony Lewis

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