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The Book of the Old Edinburgh Club

The Club has published the Book of the Old Edinburgh Club (BOEC) since 1908. The 48 volumes make up a substantial body of historical articles and source material about Edinburgh's history.

The original series was published in 35 volumes, 1908–1985. A cumulative index to volumes I–XX was published as volume XXI (1936). Separate indexes can be found in volumes XXII–XXXIII and each of the parts which make up volumes XXXIV–XXXV.

The new series of the Book began in 1991, and a cumulative index to volumes 1-5 was published as part of volume 5 (2002).

The latest volume of the Book, Volume 13 (2017), is being distributed to members in March 2018.

Single copies of volumes of the BOEC New Series may be purchased at the door at meetings of the Club.

The latest volume is £18 per copy, the previous volume is £10 per copy, and earlier volumes (when available) are £4 each. Volumes 1, 2, 6, and 7 are completely sold out.

Copies may also be purchased by post (subject to an additional charge to cover postage and packing). Currently we charge £2 per copy for p+p within the UK.

Prices outwith the UK under are under review due to the high cost of postage and handling foreign bank payments.

Tables of contents (New Series)

BOEC Original Series

We have a list of the contents of all volumes in the original series of the BOEC, some of which are available to read online or download from the Internet Archive.

Guidelines for Contributors